Saturday, May 17, 2008

For internet users who are still using 56K Modem will leave your page because of slow loading.So do not use heavy graphics and large size pictures.You can optimize your picture at DynamicDrive or
Adobe Photoshop "save for web" function.

2.Avoid Flash
Do not use a lot of flash in your web because of its large sizes.

3.Minimize meta content
Remove all unnecessary meta content.As you know meta content is important for SEO but not all meta content is important.Maximum meta content you can put is around 250 characters.It also helps you to avoid stuffing.For SEO tips you can visit SEObook

4.Join all image into a single picture
If you have multiple of image in a post.Join all the image into a picture.It reduce HTTP requests and increase web loading time.

5.Remove Duplicate Scripts
Delete all duplicate scripts in your HTML.If you have 3 duplicate scripts if will generate 3 HTTP requests and it will slow down your site.

The 4 seconds rules!
Remember your blog must not take more than 4 seconds to load or else your visitors will leave your blog! Check your website loading speed here: Website Speed Test


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